You Got This! Discover Helpful Non-Medical Comfort Options

These resources provide information to help you understand and support your body’s natural processes during labor and birth, including techniques to reduce pain.

Childbirth Connection: Comfort in labor
This illustrated resource describes helpful techniques that can reduce your pain during labor, including tips for partners and doulas.

Lamaze International: Pregnancy and birth decision guides
This webpage contains helpful infographics on how to have a safe and healthy birth, including information about inductions, movement during labor, labor support, and more.

InJoy Birth and Parenting: Healthy Birth Your Way: Six Steps to a Safer Birth

Videos and downloadable materials about six care practices to support unmedicated labor and birth.

National Partnership for Women & Families: Pathway to a healthy birth
This resource provides more detail about birth hormones and steps you can take to help your hormones out during labor and birth.