Know Your Rights! 4 Powerful Resources for Childbearing People

Use these resources to become familiar with your rights during pregnancy and childbirth and to practice tools for self-advocacy.

Childbirth Connection: The Rights of Childbearing Women  

This resource contains a statement of 20 rights that all birthing people have. 

Birth Rights Bar Association & National Advocates for Pregnant Women: Birth Rights: a resource for everyday people to defend human rights during labor and birth

This resource provides concrete tools to identify rights during childbirth, advocate for those rights to be upheld, and address harm when it has occurred.

Black Coalition for Safe Motherhood: ACTT for Safe Motherhood

Use the ACTT (Ask, Claim, Trust, and Tell) tool to ensure that your voice is heard and respected by your provider. 

National Association to Advance Black Birth: Black Birthing Bill of Rights  

Use this resource to become knowledgeable about your rights as a Black person seeking maternity care.