JustBirth Space: Access Free Doula Messaging Support & Childbirth Classes

JustBirth Space: Access Free Doula Messaging Support & Childbirth Classes

Get free messaging support from doulas and join support groups and classes today!

For birthing people navigating pregnancy and parenting during a pandemic, a resource as accessible as your next text message can be a lifeline. Every Mother Counts teamed up with trusted partners, Ancient Song Doula Services, Village Birth International and Jacaranda Health to launch JustBirth Space in 2020. Since then, JustBirth Space has engaged over 2,000 birthing people and their families in New York and New Jersey through free text support and childbirth classes.

JustBirth Space is proud to now expand its services to the whole country during the Choices in Childbirth launch. As you learn from the wisdom of doulas, lactation consultants, and more in our video series, you can start an English or Spanish chat with a JustBirth Space doula, like Erica Livingston or LaShanda Dandrich featured throughout the Choices in Childbirth series, to get your pregnancy and postpartum questions answered for free. They can even help you sign up for free support groups or classes. Get started today by navigating to the teal chat bot in the lower-right corner of our website. We can’t wait to meet you.

If you have any questions about the Choices in Childbirth content or website itself, please direct your general inquires to info@everymothercounts.org.

To learn more about JustBirth Space, download a brochure in English or Spanish.