Breathe In & Breathe Out: Wellness Tools During Pregnancy

These websites provide information on accessible tools for mindfulness and emotional wellbeing, as well as free resources to address life stressors during and after pregnancy.

Lamaze International: 5 Mindful Pregnancy Practices You Can Start Today

This article provides five basic mindfulness practices for you to try throughout your pregnancy. 

Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective (BEAM): Black Virtual Wellness Directory

Use this directory to connect with a virtual Black therapist, doula, yoga teacher, and other resources for healing and emotional wellness. 

The Bump: Best meditation apps for new and expectant moms

If you’re interested in practicing guided meditation during your pregnancy, this article lists some of the top meditation apps for you to try.

The Carry App

Yoga and meditation videos for pregnant and postpartum people.

Nurse-Family Partnership: Resources for Families

If you need help navigating challenges around daily life and work during or after pregnancy, this resource page provides links to nutrition assistance, housing assistance, parenting resources and more.